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Communication Platform (CP)

Your own social communication platform on your URL that you control yourself, where all income goes to you, the owner, and where your members can share valuable content, organize events through their own ticket system, create groups without limiting the reach of members, and much more…


Advice Platform (AP)

Your own 1-on-1 advice platform where you and your team of specialists can offer professional and reliable advice to members, giving trainings and courses, answering specific questions in person, letting members book a live consultation, create your own FAQs, and much more…


Communication & Advice Platforms (CAP)

The combination of 1-on-1 professional advice or business information combined with a social communication platform where you, the owner, can pass on sensitive and internal company information to the members, who in turn can communicate unlimited or limited with other members.


Internal or external communication

==> Internal: no access for Joe Public, you decide which members can join your platform

==> External: Anybody has access to your platform, with paid or free memberships and where all income goes to you, the owner


All platforms work with or without a payment gateway on your own URL with paying or non-paying members. This has the advantage that types of memberships can be set up with specific restrictions (who can communicate with whom, who has access to what). Each platform is completely branded to your organisation or company and comes with an all-in service; maintenance, hosting, branding, licenses, fully adapted to GDPR and configured according to European VAT legislation.

Easy management

You don’t need an admin on the communication platform, we arrange that for you so that you can fully focus on the start-up. At a later stage, we give you or your IT specialist a short training course to be able to manage certain matters yourself. You will receive statistics giving you interesting information about the activities on your platform.

On the advice platform you get special access to an admin menu that allows you to upload documents and videos, add FAQs, answer questions with your team of specialists, open a live consultation room and much more.


Our platforms work perfectly on mobile. Prefer an app? We create and place your web app in the app stores.

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