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Communication platform

A communication platform is like having your own social platform, ideal for all companies and owners of communities where members can communicate with each other on different levels and where you have control over the content and the way this content is distributed. Some examples of who could use a communication platform efficiently:


  •  All medium to large companies; internal communication
  • Sports clubs
  • All famous people with a lot of fans
  • All managers of specific (niche) communities


  • Football clubs
  • Tennis clubs
  • Golf clubs
  • Companies with (international) distributors
  • Famous artists, soccer players
  • Well-known fitness specialists, etc.
  • Platform for beer lovers
  • Platform for wine lovers, etc.
  • Multi Level Marketing sector
  • Car sector
  • Financial sector
  • Cultural sector

Advice platform

An advice platform is ideal for all specialists in their specific field who wish to share their professional knowledge with others by giving advice or training. Some of the sectors that could use an Advice Platform efficiently are:

  • Staff training
  • Sales support
  • Companies with a lot of  (international) distributors
  • Commercial support / Customer service
  • Technical Support
  • Product support / advice
  • Multi Level Marketing sector
  • Legal advice
  • Medical advice
  • Advice from local authorities
  • Advantage advice
  • Financial advice
  • Health and beauty advice
  • Sports and fitness support
  • Do-It-Yourself Advice
  • Consultancy
  • Lecturers and training
  • Courses and teaching
  • Employment advice
  • Business advice
  • Tourist support
  • General knowledge advice